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Chanel CC Star Earrings
Style code: A96000
Price: $425 USD, €360 euro, £335 GBP, $570 SGD, $550 AUD, ¥46440 JPY

The Chanel Cruise 2017 Earring Collection is a myriad of all things beautiful. And we couldn’t even decide which ones are our favorites because there are jus too many. But here are the two must-haves for the Cruise 2017 Collection.


Chanel Pearls CC Earrings
Style code: A95888
Price: $575 USD, €490 euro, £455 GBP, $770 SGD, $750 AUD, ¥62640 JPY

If you are considering investing on a pair of earrings, these lovely pieces of jewelries might become your best friends. Ladies, this pair of Chanel earrings is a classic with the perfect combination of gold, black, and pearly white fantasy pearls. And if you zoom in, you’ll notice the CC logo in it. Wear them as you head on to that gala for they will surely complement your formal evening ensembles whether it be an elegant white jumpsuit or a body con black dress.


Chanel Cuba Parrots CC Earrings
Style code: A89393
Price: $625 USD, €540 euro, £500 GBP, $850 SGD, $830 AUD, ¥69120 JPY

For those who are looking for a fun vibe, these parrot earrings from Chanel are your best bet. It reminds us of the flirty vibe of Rio de Janeiro. Made from metal, resin, fabric & strass, this gold, black, green, yellow, pink, & blue combination is one of our favorites! The CC logo is there, right where the colorful parrot hangs from.


Chanel Circle CC Earrings
Style code: A96383
Price: $550 USD, €480 euro, £450 GBP, $760 SGD, $740 AUD, ¥61560 JPY


Chanel Fantasy Pearls And Crystal Earrings
Style code: A95859
Price: $600 USD, €520 euro, £485 GBP, $820 SGD, $800 AUD, ¥66960 JPY

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H&M Padded Bomber Jacket, Ruffled Blouse, Super Skinny Ankle Jeans and Cut-Out Ankle Boots
Embrace a slim silhouette – H&M Padded Bomber JacketRuffled BlouseSuper Skinny Ankle Jeans and Cut-Out Ankle Boots

Be prepared for the season change with H&M’s Divided line. The fashion giant has unveiled six spring must-have pieces in a trend guide starring Frida Aasen. From the biker jacket to a cozy sweater or graphic hoodie, these designs are absolute wardrobe essentials. Get ready to finish your cool ensembles with studded boots and choker necklaces.


H&M Satin Choker, Viscose Shirt, Lace Bodysuit, Slim High Ankle Jeans and Cut-Out Ankle Boots
A button-up shirt is the perfect topper – H&M Satin ChokerViscose ShirtLace BodysuitSlim High Ankle Jeans and Cut-Out Ankle Boots
H&M Biker Jacket, Wrap Dress and Ankle Boots with Studs
The biker jacket never goes out of style – H&M Biker JacketWrap Dress and Ankle Boots with Studs
H&M Printed Hooded Sweatshirt, Pleated Skirt and Cut-Out Ankle Boots
Show off your girl power in this look – H&M Printed Hooded SweatshirtPleated Skirt and Cut-Out Ankle Boots
H&M Denim Jacket, Slip-Style Dress and Sneakers
Get the blues in a denim jacket – H&M Denim JacketSlip-Style Dress and Sneakers
H&M Rib-Knit Sweater and Short Denim Skirt
Cover up in cool knitwear – H&M Rib-Knit Sweater and Short Denim Skirt

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The Garden of Kalahari is the new high jewelry collection by Chopard

Jewelry & Watches

If any jewelry house is evenly popular among celebrities and high- class divas, it has to be Chopard. After gracing the likes of Julianne Moore, Jennifer Lawrence, Julia Roberts and many more, the Luxury jeweler has recently curated a set of high end pieces that are bound to be iconic in the times to come. Quite recently, the marquee was lucky enough to get its hands on a legendary 34.2 carat rough diamond, which was later christened as the Queen of Kalahari. The rock has now been converted into a full blown set of jewelry pieces that the brand has lovingly termed as – The Garden of Kalahari.

The parent stone (a D color, Type IIA) was discovered in Botswana’s Karowe Mine two years ago. After undergoing a nerve wrecking process of few months, it has now been broken down into 23 stones for the final collection. Out of all the cut out pieces from the Queen of Kalahari, five are above 20 carats: a 50-carat round brilliant, a 26-carat heart shape, a 25-carat pear, a 21-carat emerald cut and a 20-carat cushion. Each of these represent a different flower, from the sunflower (round brilliant) to the poppy (cushion cut). The dedicated floral designs reflect on Chopard’s co-president Caroline Scheufele love for gardening, while also being a tribute to nature.

The journey of the raw diamond to the completed jewelry model is made possible by virtuoso technical skills that are dedicated to the cause of unfettered creativity. The collection boasts of a necklace that forms the center piece of the set, two pendants (in a heart and pear shape), earrings as well as a cuff bracelet. While the prices of these opulent beauties remain undisclosed, they deserve nothing short of a fortune for ownership.

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The Best City To Buy A Chanel Bag in 2017

Other Brands

It is the first quarter of the year, while Chanel has not increased its prices yet again, it’s a good time to check which city is the least expensive to buy a Chanel bag. We have compared the prices of Chanel’s iconic bags such as the Classic Flaps and Boy Bags, between US, France and United Kingdom.

All prices were based on Note that US Price includes New York City Sales Tax which is 8.875%.

While Euro Price includes the tax refund, with the use of the Refund Calculator from Global Blue. Euro and UK Pound prices are converted to US$ for better comparison.

Style & Price


US Price

Euro Price

UK Pound Price

Chanel Square Mini Classic Flap Bag $3,157.38 (USD) $1,496.36 (USD) $2,592.41 (USD)
Chanel Rectangular Mini Classic Flap Bag $3,375.13 (USD) $2,328.70 (USD) $2,876.34 (USD)
Chanel Small Classic Flap Bag $5,117.13 (USD) $3,834.41 (USD) $4,740.40 (USD)
Chanel Medium Classic Flap Bag $5,334.88 (USD) $3,984.05 (USD) $4,925.58 (USD)
Chanel Jumbo Classic Flap Bag $5,988.13 (USD) $4,442.30 (USD) $5,493.44 (USD)
Chanel Maxi Classic Flap Bag $6,532.50 (USD) $4,825.74 (USD) $5,962.54 (USD)
Chanel Mini Boy Chanel Flap Bag $3,375.13 (USD) $2,525.10 (USD) $3,123.23 (USD)
Chanel Small Boy Chanel Flap Bag $4,681.63 (USD) $3,198.46 (USD) $3,950.34 (USD)
Chanel Old Medium Boy Flap Bag $5,117.13 (USD) $3,479.03 (USD) $4,295.99 (USD)
Chanel New Medium Boy Flap Bag $5,661.50 (USD) $3,881.17 (USD) $4,802.13 (USD)
Chanel Large Boy Flap Bag $5,988.13 (USD) $4,161.74 (USD) $5,147.78 (USD)

** Average rate for January 2017 is used for the conversion.
Euro to USD = 1.062752
UK Pound to USD = 1.234480
Source: X-Rates


Based on the price comparison, it is still cheapest to buy Chanel from European countries. The tax refund when flying out from EU greatly affects the total price of the item. The price from Europe is about a thousand cheaper compared to US, and few hundred dollars cheaper than United Kingdom. Shopping Chanel in Europe also gives you more variety, as more shops are located in different cities.

However, personal experiences may still vary. This comparison only serves as a guide and can be used as a reference for future shopping.

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Louis Vuitton S/S17 Gifting Collection

Louis Vuitton


In case you missed the first post, might I again present Louis Vuitton’s new Gifting collection, which from January 2017 will be made available in our local stores as and when new shipments arrive into Singapore. And as the name suggests, this is also a selection of beautiful curated gifts for your home or personal use, ranging from desktop stationery like desk pads and notebooks to more decorative pieces like photo frames, ceramic valet dishes (or use them as ashtrays if it so pleases you) and even a yo-yo. Yes, a yo-yo.

And while I would personally wish for a more extensive line-up, this very first gift and home collection from Louis Vuitton isn’t half bad at all, with enough options for loved ones or yourself who are fans of the French luxury house. From a pair of pencils that will retail for SGD260 to pen/pencil holders that come priced at SGD790 apiece, I’m actually eyeing the mouse pad for myself, even if it sets me back by SGD540.

Besides mouse pads, the desk pads (with the iconic Monogram Canvas on one side) are also drool-worthy, even if they cost SGD1590 a pop. For those with more modest budgets, the note books are a good idea, each swathed in a different leather from Epi to Taiga and starting from justSGD180 for the ones in PM size.

The photo frames are lovely too, with the acrylic one priced at SGD875. Also available in leather-bound versions, those retail for SGD910 and SGD990 respectively for the PM and MM sizes. Valet dishes start from SGD550, and if you’re wondering what the yo-yo looks like, here you go.


Interested? Known as the Roy, this one in Rose will set you back by just SGD465. And if anyone here is feeling generous, my birthday is next month and I really want the acrylic photo frame. Thanks.

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Other Brands


Christian Dior is keeping strong in the bag game, thanks to its Lady Dior Bag, which now comes with an embroidered address tag. Timeless elegance and chic has always been the motto for the Lady Dior bag and this time around it transcended into a unique work of art.

The Lady Dior Bag is an epitome of the couture spirit, which Dior has been known for in the fashion industry. Taking a notch higher with an added twist, the Lady Dior Bag with Embroidered Address Tag is a sight to behold! Mind you, the bag comes in several colors as well as different animal faces on the tag. This is due to the exploration theme, which is apparent in the Cruise 2017 show.

The address tag is truly a work of art, the animals attached can be a fox, an owl or a rabbit. This entirely depends on the shade of the bag.

Now let’s talk about the details of this beauty, shall we? Made from the iconic Dior “Cannage” stitching which we all adore and it comes in genuine lambskin leather. The Cannage stitching is further accentuated by the gold jewellery.

For women who are always on the go, this bag might be a good investment since it can be worn in several ways thanks to its adjustable strap. It can be carried by hand, on the shoulder or across the body.

Measuring 20 x 17 x 9 cm, priced at €2950 euro, £2700 GBP, ₩4,800,000 WON and is only available in Dior boutiques.














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