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Here at BragMyBag, when there’s a cult following for some designer piece, it’s up to us to investigate why it’s such a bit hit. Today, we’re going to do so with the Givenchy Mini Patent Antigona Bag, a beautiful bag that’s meant to stand out any day.

The Antigona is something you’d really want for yourself (compare it to children wanting fabulous presents on Christmas morning), and it isn’t any wonder why it is one of the most coveted pieces out there. It has a tough, structured silhouette that’s perfect for any occasion. It even comes with a detachable, adjustable shoulder strap that allows you to wear it however you want (on your hands, shoulders or as a crossbody). It couldn’t get any better than this, you know.

You can see a black version of the Mini Antigona above. What do you think about this classic design?

Prices for the Mini Antigona ranges from $1,750 USD to $2,150 USD. Get your very own Mini Antigona now!

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Jimmy Choo Abel Black Patent Pump: Stiletto Feminine Weapon

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I love movies with an happy ending or at least with a sweet revenge. The story was about a girl who had fallen in love so deeply that she would do anything to keep the relationship going. But her boyfriend was distracted and loved to chase girls, so after a series of heart-breaking on and off, he left her, all alone.

When you fall hard, it’s not easy to get up. So it took a while before the girl could put the pieces together and moved on. But just as how life goes, destiny always plays a big part in our life; the boy and girl met again in a party, but this time the role was reversed. The girl has gone through a tough change, she eventually became more beautiful than ever. At the party, she was dressed like a princess and literally attracted the curiosity of all the males in the room. Her ex-boy friend? He became extremely jealous.

Stiletto’s are, according to Mr. Louboutin, a feminine weapon that men don’t have. Great shoes transform your body language and attitude. If your boyfriend leaves you, don’t sit around and kill time. Get your life back together, go to the hair salon, shopping and came back with a Dior or Chanel bag, then wear these sexy Jimmy Choo black pumps and party wild. Shake all the bad memories of your head. Then when the day comes that your ex-boyfriend tries to convince you back, you will understand that he has won the battle but you’ve won the war. Girl power! At Jimmy Choo e-store for $575.


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